Bridechilla Wedding Planning Survival Guide

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Liberate yourself from wedstress and the quest for perfection and instead work as a wedding planning team to create a wedding and marriage that goes the distance.

Being a Bridechilla is all about knowing what to do and when to do it when it comes to planning your wedding. The Bridechilla Wedding Planning Survival empowers you to ditch traditions that aren’t meaningful to you and wedding planning overwhelm and instead plan your wedding day, your way.

Based on the hit podcast, Bridechilla, the Survival Guide, not only focuses on the logistics and aesthetic details of the day, it supports you with the really challenging bits, the emotive elements of wedding planning, like dealing with opinions, talking about money with your partner and how to stop your Mum from inviting Carol from work. 

Read The Survival Guide and you’ll be ditching those unwanted obligation guests and meaningless details (so long garters and chair covers).

*cussing included ;)