Bridechilla Wedding Day Emergency Kit

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No matter how prepared and organized you may be, be on the safe side and pack the compact and very handy Bridechilla Wedding Day Emergency Kit.

Being a Bridechilla is all about being prepared and ready to tackle any potential problem with calmness and chill. The wedding emergency pack is discreet cosmetic bag and kit that contains helpful, travel-sized items that will guarantee to get you out of any last-minute preparation jams.
Inside you will find

  • Travel Sewing Kit, 
  • Band-Aid Pack (with blister Band-aids (x4) and Double-sided tape)
  • Earring backs (x2), 
  • Bobby pins (x12- blonde and brunette),  
  • Travel Comb/hairbrush, 
  • Travel Dental kit (toothbrush and toothpaste) 
  • Travel Vanity kit (cotton buds, emery board, makeup pad), 
  • 5 Ways To Be a Bridechilla card.

Pack the Bridechilla Wedding Day Emergency Kit and feel calm in the knowledge that you have essential items like a sewing kit and blister Bandaids, if the need arises.

Complete with calming Bridechilla mantras and a delightful bag with two zip compartments for future use, the Bridechilla Wedding Day Emergency Kit is an ideal gift for brides and must-have items on your wedding planning to-do list!