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But what if you had a trusted source for beautifully curated party supplies 

(you know the kind—the ones that don’t look like they fell off the caboose of the hot-mess express) 

and insider knowledge on what you need, how much to buy, and ideas for how to set up 

for your next festive gathering? 

And, what if everything you needed was all packed up into a pretty box that 

arrived on your doorstep (well ahead of your first guests) saving your time and peace of mind 

(not to mention blood, sweat, and tears) allowing you to do the fun parts of party planning—

and the vacuuming—and enjoy celebrating with your family and friends, without the headache that come with hosting.

Cue that Orbit gum commercial *bling and ding*—

and notice us swinging open our Blue Door. 

Here’s the tea, sister: we’re your kind of party store. 

"We loved putting everything together and it was all so very cute! Thank you, thank you for all the joy you brought to Sera's special day!"


Blue Door Party Store opened—well, it’s doors—in Summer 2019. But this shindig isn’t our first rodeo, we’ve been planning & hosting parties for 9 years.

(How’d you think we got so good at it?)

Founded by lead party starter, Lauren Swanson—a believer in big balloons and half birthdays, and the happily accidental authority on all things party planning—Blue Door Party Store is the little shop you wish was on your corner* for all things celebration.

 She used to fill (Hmmm, how do we say this?) big ass balloons (There, we said it.) for happy hosts who were bogged down in a few too many details. 

(And, that kind of balloon can take a while to fill—so there was lots of time to chat.) 

Finding herself dishing on the best places to buy party supplies and constantly calculating how many cups, napkins—you name it—to buy for their guests, she realized there’s a real need out there for someone to help hosts have parties—without all the hassle.

Because life is full of reasons to celebrate … and it’s too short to sweat the small stuff.

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